2009 – 2016

We started to believe we can change the way companies present themselves to the vast world of the interne in a small flat in 2009. It’s been an amazing ride so far and we are extremely proud, 7 years later, to be part of something amazing: an incredible team of strategists, developers, code architects and last, but not least, of dreamers. To obtain the best results we use our very own methods and tools to guarantee a clear, agile approach towards delivering results.


370+ Projects

With it’s ups and downs, this 7 year ride carried us through some amazing projects, along with clients, that turned to partners, that turned to friends. We combined smart design with rich technology to craft innovative brand and business solutions and for every project we take on we strive to deliver memorable and groundbreaking work. We can deliver everything from concept to finished production, and we’re proud to have some of the best talent in the industry.

What is 20Works?

After a few years in the business and with some incredible stories to tell, our elders decided to combine and incorporate our top visionary teams: the Daredevz, Andoo and Cupid Interactive (all members being in their 20s), into something that we believe is going to make a difference in todays business. We got together, we put our brains into it and started making things work, building not just an incredible team & portfolio, but most important a family: TwentyWorks.

What do we do


Creative design, color and typography to distill your idea to its essence and connect with your audience.


Build your site on the best eCommerce platforms, to industry best practices, with pixel-perfect craftsmanship.


We work with you to make great choices on the tools, methods, partners and platforms that can grow with your business..


We offer full graphic design services, including identity, packaging and collateral.


Our technical team builds flexible, valid sites, including for many popular content management systems.


Design and build your site for the huge and growing market of mobile and tablet users.

Let’s create something amazing.

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